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Web Development

Having worked for some really big names in the industry I have managed to amass a great deal of experience and expertise developing web projects from concept to completion.  Visit LinkedIn for my full skill set.

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Object Oriented

I code primarily in Object Oriented PHP which makes developing for popular CMS like Wordpress and Magento a breeze as they are all PHP based.  Object Oriented coding is the preferred modern method offering advantages over flat scripting.

Front-end & Back-end

I have a ton of experience on both the front-end (user interface, custom controls, AJAX, JSON) and back-end (functionality, database, API, services) sides of development.  I am equally confident with all aspects of web development and can implement and adapt quickly to new methods as well.

MVC Frameworks

Projects I have worked on have included the use of different MVC based frameworks, whatever was deemed best at the time.  I have worked with versions of Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter and Yii at different times.  I am able to work with any framework if the manual is well written as I have no problem following syntax.

Database Design

Solid database design is a key principle in building a solid, robust application.  I have extensive experience building databases and using SQL based languages extending back before I was coding.  I have also implemented or migrated legacy applications to Key-Value stores such as Redis and Memcached.

Rigorous Testing

All my code functionality is tested both on the fly as it's written, as well as in a final testing phase.  Any input fields are vetted and protected from SQL injection or malformed data entry.  Version control allows easy manipulation of code variation, and rollback to an early commit in the unlikely event it is needed.

Security Minded

Having worked with big names who prioritise security in their applications I have picked up a lot of knowledge and methodology in this area, including data security and encryption, secure login and intrusion and attack attempts.  I will take all required measures to keep data gathered or stored protected.

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Let's Work Together

Do you like what you see of my designs and my process?  Work with me on your next project.  Get in touch and we can discuss your needs.  Send an email to or click the green button below.

I'm currently booking in projects to commence in May 2019 and beyond.

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