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Digital Marketing

There are millions of people online all the time, these are potential customers.  I offer you results proven digital marketing services that bring in new leads and generate more sales.  Grow your business online today!

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Google Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most sure-fire and quickest ways to get a new (or existing) website views.  With a flexible budget limit that you control month on month, you can create adverts that target specific search terms on Google Search as well as all the websites that display Google Ads.

Social Advertising

Social PPC works in much the same way as Google Advertising, with a flexible budget that allows you to choose how much to spend.  The main difference being you'll send visitors to your Facebook or Twitter instead, increasing likes or followers.  You can engage with your customers more directly and still drive traffic with a link to your website.

Search Optimisation

If you have a website built by me it will incorporate SEO principles from the start, but this service can also be used to improve existing websites.  By re-ordering on-page factors I can greatly increase the ranking potential of your content and achieve a higher position in search results.

Social Media Management

This service not only benefits you by freeing up time, but uses directed social media posts to engage with customers and organically grow your following.   Post times, frequency, types are adjusted based on analysing what works and includes sharing of viral or high view content relative to your business niche.

Backlink Building

Another major underlying factor in deciding how well your pages rank is backlinks.  These are links from other websites that share a topic or are relative to yours, that link to pages on your website.  The search algorithm uses this as a ranking signal to determine how popular or respected the content of your site is, relative to the topic.  It can also provide additional avenues for incoming traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Mailing lists are still very much alive and well in the modern day, as I am sure you know.  If you have a database of customers, targeted email marketing for your latest products can be a ready source of additional income.  Using Google Analytics it is possible to build email campaigns that can have their engagement tracked, and that data can then be used to improve responses.

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