About My Process

As each clients needs differ when it comes to how involved they are in the web design, development or even marketing process, I adapt how I do things for each project.

I have a defined process for each service, which I will work through in stages if you are happy to give me a brief and let me work on it independently.  But many of these stages allow for collaboration and I let you choose how involved you wish to be.

Have a read below for more insight into the different processes.

The Design Process

When it comes to web design I will start by asking you about your business, getting to know you, your products and values.  I will then ask if you have seen any websites that you like or inspire you, a style that you may want to capture the essence of for your own.  This will give me a basis for coming up with an initial concept for your website.

I will build a conceptual design that captures your criteria and sells your brand to your clients in an elegant modern style with a personality that does your brand justice and will engage with your audience.

If you want to be involved in the design process more closely we can pick your typography together, choose a colour scheme and discuss elements of each page to decide on layout and the flow of your website.  This will include images, photos, videos and any bespoke artwork that you wish me to produce.

We will work in stages, with us discussing the criteria before I then produce a page which I share with you for your feedback.  I will then make further adjustments based on your input.  It is important to me that you are happy with the final result and that it meets or exceeds your expectations.

The Development Process

From my many years of experience as a lead developer, I have learnt that nothing is more important than the briefing phase, it is very important to nail down all the detail you can so that development starts in the right direction.

After the brief is really hammered out, and I know exactly what you want me to do, I will begin coding the functionality in a logical order whilst providing feedback to you at each stage.

The code will be thoroughly tested and only approved as final when everything is working as intended.  Use of a version control system allows easy tracking of code amendments and additions.

A final review stage will look back at the brief and compare it with the finished result to make sure it meets with all the project criteria.

The majority of discussion on development projects centres around different ways of approaching things, with specifics like optimisation, execution speed, storage and security as top considerations.

The Marketing Process

First we will discuss what you want to achieve with your campaign and figure out the best platform to target, such as Google Search or Social Media.  If this is your first campaign I can get you started with a minimal budget initially which you can increase as you wish.  Determining how much to spend and making sure you get a good return on your investment is how we begin.

I will research keywords to target based on your niche with maximum exposure and where cost-per-click is not overly competitive but still highly relatable to your business.

We will start with a realistic outlook on conversion of clicks to sales which we'll start to increase by constantly tweaking the campaign based on what works.  As with any marketing strategy it's all about finding the sweet spot in the maths to make sure you get as much money out as possible relative to your investment.

I will provide monthly reports on advert progress using the data analysis tools provided by each platform, with details of my actions and explanations as to why they are being taken.

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Let's Work Together

Do you like what you see of my designs and my process?  Work with me on your next project.  Get in touch and we can discuss your needs.  Send an email to hello@mattcrayton.co.uk or click the green button below.

I'm currently booking in projects to commence in May 2019 and beyond.

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