About Me

You really want to know about me?  Shucks, well... it all started in the eighties!  In 1989 at just eight years old I was programming small sprites on my dads ZX Spectrum, our first home computer.

An Eighties Child

I had planned the sprites out on grid paper first, drawing a bunch of them before programming them in, these sprites were only 8 pixels wide and 8 pixels tall.  I animated them using the Basic programming language, mostly wizards casting spells and summoning creatures.

Even then I had an eye for visual detail, able to recreate sprites from the game Chaos which me and my family played gathered around the television.  That was back in the day when TV's were hard to focus your eyes on for any length of time.

The internet was barely in its infancy back then, just a place for university students to chat about timetables and the contents of that days lectures.  You had a slow modem that dialed a phone number to connect and there were no images, just text in different colours.

School In The Nineties

My junior school years would see me playing games and programming on the BBC Micro and Acorn 3000 that all schools were seemingly stocked with.

I had a great teacher who was as interested in computers as me and my friend were, he let us skip PE and play on his Commodore 64, so long as we copied the games we brought in for him.

Then came senior school and modems were speeding up and browsers were becoming a thing.  Windows and Microsoft PC's were around and I was learning everything about the Operating System, what was inside a computer and even how to build my own.  My GCSE focus was IT and I was also an IT prefect, but I learnt more at home than I did in school.

I passed my GNVQ IT with distinction and went to college to get my Diploma in Computing and Electronic Systems, learning about binary and the C++ programming language.  I seemed to have a gift for syntax and I qualified top of my class.

The Millenium Clock Drama

Computers had become an increasingly valid part of every day life, but there was a glaring floor with the internal clocks that could of led to disaster.  In the end it turned out to be a bit alarmist and didn't come to anything at all really.  No planes fell out of the sky, sounds wrong but I was a little dissapointed.

Meanwhile I was now qualified but unexperienced, so my first job role was at the bottom of the ladder as an apprentice at a rural college.  Despite its agricultural base the college excelled at computer based courses.  I was the junior member of an IT department tasked with supporting classroom and staff computers, along with the printers, servers and network infrastructure.

They had me scrubbing-clean old PC's and printers that had been sat under desks, some covered in thick mud, as I said it was a rural college.  But in no time at all I was impressing them with my knowledge and was soon promoted to support technician, becoming popular among staff who requested me by name to solve their technical faults swiftly.

I went on to put myself forward as the person to redesign the college website, which also led on to building the student portal and staff intranet.  This was the beginning of my path away from technical support and towards the many coding languages of the internet.  During this time I was studying for my IT NVQ and gathering evidence, another qualification I would later obtain.

That Brings Us To Today

On my journey to the present day I have worked for some big names with some fantastically talented people.  I have picked up invaluable skills in PHP development, website design and digital marketing along the way and strive to improve myself constantly.

The dream of one day working for myself began in Jaunary 2015 after 11+ years in the web services industry.  I had worked with the likes of Siemens, Barclays and the NHS along with local web agencies and software studios.

Now I use my skills, experience and knowledge to build sleek modern websites designed for all devices, and market these sites to help promote business brands across the UK.  And I still get to work with lovely talented people at design agencies and software studios whenever they call on me.

The Gaming Influence

I am a computer gamer, although that's not to say we never had consoles like the Atari, Nintendo and Sega in my house.  Growing up as I did watching computers get more and more powerful, I was fascinated with game engines and graphics as they too became more sophisticated.

My logo, here on the site, is an homage back to the days of my sprite-making Spectrum days when the 8bit graphics of the early arcades ruled culture and my love of gaming truly began.

I wrote a game when I was 14 on my Amiga 1200, a shooting gallery where windows opened and rednecks poked out at increasing speed and fired a shotgun at you if you were too slow, it wasn't very advanced mechanically, but I did all the graphics, sound and code myself with the programming manual as my only guide.

Back when I was at school and college all this stuff was still emerging and gaming courses and qualifications didn't exist like they do today.  Had they done, I might have ended up going down a different path, but either way I still get to enjoy expressing my creativity by building new things, just like when I was eight.

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Let's Work Together

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